I’ve really felt my work shift over the last year, I use to feel the need to document what I think clients wanted so I always went for the safe shots and made sure I got all of those ones before I moved on to anything else. These days, I’ve really noticed a shift in my approach, I realized that my amazing clients choose me not because I’m just another photographer in Vancouver but there is something about my images that speak to them. I want to evoke feelings of forever love in every single image I take, I want your season of motherhood to be perfectly captured and remembered.

I recently read this quote by one of my favourite motherhood photographers and it just stuck with me, “And one day when there aren’t little voices echoing through our halls, or trucks strewn about, the quiet will feel heavy and we will realize the enormity of seemingly insignificant moments.
That one day will come far too soon and we will wish for nothing more than one more day in this precious season with our tiny ones”
– Alexandria Smith