We are lifelong collectors, always searching for little treasures - I am a collector of photographs.

There is nothing I love more fiercely than preserving love through beautiful imagery. I’m a marriage and motherhood film photographer from Vancouver, B.C. Born and raised on the West Coast, I married my high school sweetheart after 10 years of dating. My world completely changed (for the better) when I became a mom to my little girls, Aliyana Rae and Magali Grace.

Documenting my experiences in parenting is something I truly love. I am also very passionate about Montessori, developing the curious mind and raising responsible tiny humans.

My approach to photography is creating organic and aesthetically beautiful imagery that comes from my full heart. 

I believe that the in-between moments are just as important as the main events.

Meet Amy

behind the lens

Photographs are important to us. The are uniquely ours.
They are still moments that convey our life story and holds something of extreme personal value. I see images as colours that fill our life with abundance when we need little reminders. Images hold great purpose because only you can truly feel the love in each frame. 

Similar to the stories of many photographers around the world, photography started at a young age for me. I rolled  35mm film in dark bags, shot on my dad's manual focus Minolta and developed film at the age of 15. The darkroom was my happy place. My connection to the analog medium is rooted in a lot of happy childhood memories and it constantly serves as a reminder of the connection I have with my dad. 


I love photography and I love moments between people and families. Let's connect so I can hear all about the memories you want documented during this special time in your lives. 

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